Skin on Cod Fillet

Skin on Cod Fillet
Skin on Cod Fillet
Brand: James The Fish
Product Code: F2 - Skin on Cod Fillet - 8 to 16oz
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15lb pack same as 6.81kg pack

                            at £3.29/lb same as £7.25/kg

The best cod fillets that money can buy are the frozen at sea.

These are skin on fillets, 8 to 16 ounces, 227 to 454 grams, from the picture you can see that they are creamy white and fabulous quality.  You will get approximately 20 fillets per box depending upon the indivdual fillet sizes.

They are presented in an interleaved box which means that there are blue plastic sheets seperating the layers of fish in the box so you can get at one fillet at a time straight from the freezer, this has been caught, filleted and quick frozen on board the factory ships and left with the skin on as some prefer it this way as it holds it together when cooking and adds additional flavour if you like to eat it too.

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