Cod Loins

Cod Loins
Cod Loins Cod Loins Cod Loins
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6.35kg at £11.40/kg

Frozen at Sea Cod Loins are incredible, extravagant beyond measure, it's the thick end of the cod and taken off good sized fish it is too, these are 200g (7oz) plus loins.

Frozen at sea, they take the fish, fillet it, skin it, take away the bones, then cut it's tail end off, the trim the belly wall away and you have a LOIN.  This is meaty, flakey, tender and tasty, everything you could ever want in a portion of white fish.

There is a SNAG, we can only send you the trade pack, this means you have to buy the interleaved pack as it came off the ship.  Cod Loins are expensive anyway, if you've got to buy a shed load then it might just be a bit serious, but if you like a nice bit of fish then this is where you should be, if you like lots of fish then a 14lb pack is a great investment

They are very well interleaved soo you can get hold of one loin at a time, the fish will keep in the box in your freezer for months.

If you can raise the cash this is the one to go for, it's the best fish I have ever eaten, it's without doubt the best cod product available in the whole of the UK, it's superb and an absolute steal when you compare it with the best that wet fish slabs have to offer at your local fishmonger.

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