Skinless Haddock Fillet

Skinless Haddock Fillet
Skinless Haddock Fillet Skinless Haddock Fillet
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15lb pack same as 6.81kg pack

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Do I like or do I like haddock?  The answer is both.  Sometimes I am in a cod mood and others I look forward to the slightly firmer texture, sweeter taste of a haddock fillet.

There is a difference, not a huge one, fishermen tend to prefer the haddocks.

This is the same top class frozen at sea fillet packed in an interleaved box with plenty of blue polythene sheets so you can get at one fillet at a time.  The box size is 48cm x 25cm x 6cm.

It cannot be compared to the fresh fish you see on the counters on the supermarkets, this is very very fresh, frozen within a few hours of it being landed, sweet fresh flavours, firm and succulent.

Most people like the haddock skinless so this is what we have, they are 5 to 8oz (140g to 227g) fillets, approx 35 to 40 per box

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