Salmon Fillet

Salmon Fillet
Salmon Fillet
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10 portions per pack, 140 to 170g portions

£2.60 each portion 

Portions of prime middle cut salmon fillets, the flesh is as smooth as silk, the oil content is perfect, the flavour is fresh and rich with an almost creamy texture.  The colour is deep pink like the colour of an Autumn sunset with speckled brightness glistening on the surface......  Well we might have gone a little far with the Autumn sunset bit but you get the idea this is excellent quality salmon fillet that we rate very highly.

It's top class large salmon out of the Fjords, filleted and skinned, then boned, cut into portions, vacuum packed and frozen within hours of it being harvested.  No wonder it's a quality item is has got the freshness frozen into it.

It's vacuum packed and that means it will keep for months in the deep freeze, it means that you can boil it in the bag or microwave it as it is straight from the freezer.  Alternatively take it out of the vac pack and pan fry, grill or oven bake as it suits.

The photo's show the size of the box, the fillets in and out of the box, the bottle of beer was to give you an idea of the box size, sorry this is not included with the purchase of a box of salmon!

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