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We have over 40 years of experience selling quality frozen fish direct to you the consumer.  Trade packs at trade prices saving you over 30% on standard retail prices.

Frozen at sea is exactly what it says, fish caught, filleted, packed and frozen on board factory ships.  These are legal ships, with real quotas to catch fish responsibly, real professional outfits with multi-million pound vessels loaded with the latest equipment to quick freeze the catch, clean factories, superb facilities to bring back to port the very best fish in the world.

We can honestly say after 40 years of selling frozen fish that "frozen at sea fish is BETTER" than any fish you will see on supermarket counters, it's the best, without question the best, it's fresher, tastier, firmer, brighter and if you buy it from us at TRADE PRICES it's cheaper than the fillets on offer in the supermarkets.

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10 portions per pack, 170 to 200g portions £2.00 each portion  Portions of pri..
Ex Tax: £20.00
Whole Mackerel
7lb pack same as 3.18kg pack                   &..
Ex Tax: £9.03
2 boxes of 10 portions per pack, 170 to 200g portions £1.80 each portion  This..
Ex Tax: £36.00
6.61lb / 3kg pack              £1.81/lb same as £4.00/kg..
Ex Tax: £12.00
1kg of Sardine fillet for £3.00 These are large sardine fillets, each one weighs 45 to 60gra..
Ex Tax: £3.00