Our best seller by far is Cod, it's what everyone wants and we have it.

Loins for those with an investment to make and want the best; skinless and boneless are fabulously white 8 to 16oz fillets and we have the skin on for those who prefer the traditional and like it this way.  

All of it is excellent quality frozen at sea fish, processed and frozen on multi-million pound factory ships within hours of it being caught and packed in interleaved boxes so you can get at one fillet at a time.  This normally stays within the trade but we think why should it?  We all want the best so here it is give it a try.

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Cod Loins
6.35kg at £11.40/kg Frozen at Sea Cod Loins are incredible, extravagant beyond measure, it's..
Ex Tax: £72.38
Skinless & Boneless Cod Fillet
14lb pack same as 6.35kg pack             ONLY at £4.28/lb sam..
Ex Tax: £59.92
Skin on Cod Fillet
15lb pack same as 6.81kg pack                 &..
Ex Tax: £49.35