Looking for something slightly sweeter in taste than cod?  Then we have it Haddock Fillet.

Fishermen tend to prefer the haddocks, slightly firmer in texture and sweeter in flavour.  The quality is still the same processed on the factory ships within hours of it being caught, frozen in interleaved boxes so you can get one fillet out at a time, sweet fresh flavours, firm and succulent.

Looking for a quality smoked fillet?  Try the undyed oaked smoked fillets, 12 to 16oz fillets from inshore big haddocks.

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Skinless Haddock Fillet
15lb pack same as 6.81kg pack                 at £3...
Ex Tax: £57.30
Smoked Haddock Fillet
7lb     3.175kg pack               &nb..
Ex Tax: £27.71