Looking for something a bit different?  Give sardines a go..

We've got whole fish that will grill, pan fry and oven bake and come the summer work brillianty on the bbq, or if you don't fancy the whole fish we've got the fillets too.  These aren't the small fillets that would fit in a tin, these are 45 to 60 gram fillets and the whole fish are 60 to 90gram each.

Naturally full of those fish oils which are so good for us and a real explosion of flavour and taste.

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1kg of whole sardine for £2.99 60 to 90g fish, packed loose in a 1kg bag so you'll get betwe..
Ex Tax: £2.99
1kg of Sardine fillet for £5.84 These are large sardine fillets, each one weighs 45 to 60gra..
Ex Tax: £5.84