About Us

We are a frozen fish merchant who aim to supply you, the serious fish eater, with excellent quality frozen fish without breaking the bank.

We all know that fish can be expensive, this is where you see it fresh in supermarket wet fish counters, on market stalls, in door to door vans or in your traditional high street fish monger.  What we do is a little different - we know that there are some serious fish fans out there and we want to get the fish to you....

We buy direct from factory ships, we buy trade packs, we then sell it direct to you.  So you get fish that has been processed and frozen within hours of it being caught, in packs where the fillet sizes have been graded so you know the weight range and the packs are interleaved so you can get at one fillet at a time and it is frozen so there is no waste, all of these factors help to keep the costs down so it becomes a very reasonable alternative to buy from us and eat good quality frozen at sea fish as often and in such quantities as you like.

We have been doing this for years so we know a thing or two about the product, we know who to buy from and we know what you like and come back for time and time again.

The fish is delivered to your door any Wednesday or Thursday on a before 12 noon service, you can send an order through this site, you can e-mail us, you can phone us or you can send us a letter, if you live locally to our office you can collect from us Tuesday to Saturday as it suits you.